Samsung UN65D8000 65-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3d LED HDTV

There are several keys to the success of the Samsung high-definition television line which has 48- and 55-inch versions, as well, is its SMART technology. The SMART technology not only makes the Samsung network-aware through both DLNA and Wireless 802. 11 b/g/n, but lg 65 inch smart tv also through the range of SMART options such as a Blu-ray player which offers you immersive 3d technology.

“Immersive 3d technology, ” as implemented by Samsung, requires video resolution of 240Hz as its standard and video delivered in high-definition television local mode, 1080p.

This technology uses active shuttered glasses allow high-clarity 3d mode, as well as vivid colors and a wide range of black and contrasts. It works this way, since the Samsung unit effectively delivers two images per station to each eye, it easily blacks out the image to the right eye, for example, momentarily. Since it is running at 240 Hz, it almost immediately opens the active shutter which ends in the glasses, to bring the second image to the right eye. In this way, there is no discernible lag or stuttering which can be seen at the sides of some 120 Hz systems.

Because the image is actually instant and because the same technology enhances brights and contrast, as well as presenting richer blacks, you have images that apparently walk right out of the video at you. It is a complex technology, however, when you use it with other Samsung SMART devices, such as a Blu-ray player, you can have a quality results.

The results alone aren’t all that is fine about Samsung’s SMART technology, it is also its ability software directly with the Internet through Wireless on the internet. For example, the controller for the UN65D8000 allows you to put in a two-way video system so that you can use your Wireless connection to access Skype and hold a two-way video conversation with family members or friends. Indeed, it is picture-within-a-picture technology.

Because you have access to the internet, you can also use the UN65D8000 to access social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and you can either publish comments or other media to Facebook, as you can easily make Tweets and/or follow your friends on their media sites.

The UN65D8000 is not a small unit at 60 by 40 by 12 inches wide. It weighs in at 109 pounds so you will definitely need an entertainment unit to support it. The 65-inch display is LED backlit for better clarity – and some savings in power consumption – and the video is delivered at a standard HDTV video ratio of 16: 9, that makes it video ready with HDMI inputs and outputs as well as fine sound from either its built-in two-speaker system or its besieg sound capability.






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